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Who would like to do a quest?

Find (and photograph or draw or sing about) 3 things that are blue.

Colors are fun. šŸ™‚


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Celebrate human powered transportation in whatever form you wish

my favorite form of transportation human powered or not is riding a bike i will be celebrating bicycling soon and will post my quest results for now please enjoy this fabulous poem

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Getting back to our roots with Quest 15.

Find and share seeds of any kind!

You might find them outside or in your kitchen or…whoĀ  knows!

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I hope all my printmaking stuff has not gotten old yet. quest 14 is…

Make a Collograph! A collograph is a very simple form of printmaking that costs next to nothing and can be done with items easily found around ones home. Basically you are making a relief print by gluing various items onto a piece of cardboard then rolling paint on and pressing it. if you want to use your printing plate many times you need to seal it you could use shellac but i plan to use acrylic gel medium because that’s what i have handy. i thin you could just paint it with some acrylic paint on the front and back and that would work as well. There are more advanced ways of printing collographs that involve an actual printing press but this quest is about doing something simple and fun that one does not need a press for. here is a video i found with really simple basic instructions for making a Collograph and in the video they use a brayer or roller but i suspect if you are careful you could even use a paintbrush.

don’t limit yourself to only using cardboard. you can use string, fabric, aluminum foil, really anything can be used as long as the raised part of the plate is all about the same height. get creative and have fun.

bonus points for doing several plates and making a print with various colors.

eta* i just found this great web page with really easy to follow simple instructions for making a collograph

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Quest #13

Quest #13 has tip-toed onto the blog, wearing very quiet slippers and carrying a magic wand…


The quest is to go outside and find an object, then tell us the magical story behind this object.


It can be short or long, told in words or pictures,Ā  however you want to interpret this.


And now the Quest waits silently, sometimes sprinkling sparkly dust about the room…

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It is not my turn to be posting a quest since I just posted one the other day and no one has finished that one and after that is done it will be Emma’s turn. Still I feel a need to post an extra quest and since we have no rules I’m going to post it. The quest is to do something, whatever feels like the right thing for you to do on november 19th which is The International Day For Child Abuse prevention. there is no need to post quest results or anything like that just do something that feels right and if you want to share then share it and if not then that is fine to.

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Quest #12 is…

a printing quest! more specifically it is a nature print quest. you could get special paper and do a sun print or find leaves and print with those you could use stamps that have nothing to do with nature but then print them on rocks! really theĀ possibilitiesĀ are endless. the most important part is that you have fun.

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