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Emma Walks

Quest #16 was: “Celebrate human powered transportation in whatever form you wish!”

My favorite type of human-powered transport is…walking!

(I want to get into biking someday, but right now I don’t have a bike.)

Walking is a wonderful, natural way to move around. I really enjoy a walk through a park, an interesting town, or a forest.

Walking is also good for you, of course. And something else I’ve pondered is that you are more free when you walk than when you drive. Why?

Well, in short, many fewer laws apply to you when you walk. You can walk (or run) really, really fast or really, really slow. You can choose not to wear your prescription glasses. In some places, at least, you could drink a beer while walking. You do not need to be registered, licensed, or insured to walk. It’s free to walk – you don’t need to buy a car, gas, or pay any of the multitude of other costs of a car.

I drew this picture to celebrate walking.

Now, let’s go take a walk!


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After quite a long pause, I’m returning with my seed quest results!

There are some bushes I pass by often. I’m not sure what they are. But I noticed earlier in the winter that they have big, strange seed pods dangling from them!

I wasn’t sure if I liked the look of these pods and I left them alone.

Luckily, I saw one in the parking lot later. It has been broken open and the most wonderful seeds had rolled out!

These seeds are so adorable. They don’t even look quite real to me. The amount of seeds you see here are how many come out a single pod.  If these could be strung, they’d make lovely beads. Quite wonderful, isn’t it?

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Seed Quest

We had a beautiful response to our Seed Quest.

Check out the artistic results here!

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Bug’s Seed Adventure

it has taken me so long to post that my seeds sprouted. I built planter boxes filled them with dirt sprinkled chamomile seeds and now have seedlings!

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Bug prints

taken me forever to post this made it so long ago. don’t know what to say about it. it is a tiger collograph.

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Yay, it’s fun to get back to questing!

I made a tiny collagraph. Well, I hope it counts as one!

I love the idea of using scraps, bits, and odd things to make a print. I made mine with q-tips and a heart I cut out of cardboard. I glued them to an empty incense box, inked them, and pressed onto the paper!

Here’s my small (about 1×2 inches) print!

It shows trees and a heart, because I love trees! Or maybe these trees love each other. =)

I just think it’s really cute. This is a fun technique that I’d like to try in different ways in the future.

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I have been having trouble with quest 13. the trouble is I know what I want to say but it means breaking some rules. just now I remembered we don’t have any rules!

Once upon a time there was a Bug who became a marsupial and rode her bike with other marsupials. One of the marsupials gave to Bug some wonderful acorn mush! Bug turned some of the mush into pancakes and they where the best pancakes she had ever had (at least since going gluten free).  Alas the Bug did not take any photos! But that’s ok she found some acorn photos anyway.

*images link to their sources*

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