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Who would like to do a quest?

Find (and photograph or draw or sing about) 3 things that are blue.

Colors are fun. 🙂


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Emma Walks

Quest #16 was: “Celebrate human powered transportation in whatever form you wish!”

My favorite type of human-powered transport is…walking!

(I want to get into biking someday, but right now I don’t have a bike.)

Walking is a wonderful, natural way to move around. I really enjoy a walk through a park, an interesting town, or a forest.

Walking is also good for you, of course. And something else I’ve pondered is that you are more free when you walk than when you drive. Why?

Well, in short, many fewer laws apply to you when you walk. You can walk (or run) really, really fast or really, really slow. You can choose not to wear your prescription glasses. In some places, at least, you could drink a beer while walking. You do not need to be registered, licensed, or insured to walk. It’s free to walk – you don’t need to buy a car, gas, or pay any of the multitude of other costs of a car.

I drew this picture to celebrate walking.

Now, let’s go take a walk!

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After quite a long pause, I’m returning with my seed quest results!

There are some bushes I pass by often. I’m not sure what they are. But I noticed earlier in the winter that they have big, strange seed pods dangling from them!

I wasn’t sure if I liked the look of these pods and I left them alone.

Luckily, I saw one in the parking lot later. It has been broken open and the most wonderful seeds had rolled out!

These seeds are so adorable. They don’t even look quite real to me. The amount of seeds you see here are how many come out a single pod.  If these could be strung, they’d make lovely beads. Quite wonderful, isn’t it?

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Quest #13 might have been a little intimidating.

But the truth is that I found my object almost right away after writing that Quest idea.

I was taking some trash out to the dumpster and there on the ground were long seed pods…

I had never noticed before that there was a tree in that area that drops these.

It may be hard to see in these photos, but they have wonderful twists and curves. They’re a dark, chocolatey brown color with a slight shine. On the ground or on your desk, they sit in a way to seems to imply movement even though they’re still.

I thought about what their magical story might be. Maybe they come from space with little bean-folk riding inside. Maybe they are magic wands the send spirals of sparks flying.

But the other day I discovered their true magic. Once again I was under that tree, but this time it was very windy and I learned something fantastic.

In the strong wind, these pods do move! They blow in dancing spirals and speed back and forth like crazy snakes! The wind propells them, spinning along the ground. How wonderful! That’s their true magic story.

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Quest #13

Quest #13 has tip-toed onto the blog, wearing very quiet slippers and carrying a magic wand…


The quest is to go outside and find an object, then tell us the magical story behind this object.


It can be short or long, told in words or pictures,  however you want to interpret this.


And now the Quest waits silently, sometimes sprinkling sparkly dust about the room…

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Emma’s Nature Prints

I made this little picture using an acorn and leaves. The circles were made by the edges of the acorn cap!

I think with more time and care, I could make some really lovely leaf prints.

This was fun!

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Here are my results for the little photo scavenger hunt!

la la la

Something Red

Here’s the neck of my little red harp.

scroll scroll scroll

Something Pointy

And this is a handmade (not by me) wooden sword that’s quite pointy at the tip.  (Art print by Jen Lemen.)

Something Soft

There’s a lot of softness going on here.

Something That Smells Good

Something That Smells Good

And finally some cedar tips that smell like wonderful trees (with tiny turtle friend).

And An Outtake

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